I Will Blog Too Much More About U2 Now

Fact: Ticketmaster needs to be renamed to Ticketmonster.  After putting me through the most emotionally draining 18 minutes of my life, replete with panic sweats and adrenaline-fueled jitters, I can safely say I’ve emerged from the war zone with this important message:

The world is safe from the rampaging beast of queenery–an incredibly gay Hulk, if you will–because I will be seeing U2 this fall; however, this also means that I’ve officially boarded the crazy train headed towards Crazy Town, population you and me.  I will indubitably be blogging much, much more about U2 and the concert in the coming months.  Trust me, this boiling anticipation is going to go supernova on y’all.  

If you’re a fellow U2, then you’ll probably consider this a good thing.  If you’re not, the next few months will be the blogging equivalent of paisley pants, this pair in particular:


In other words, things are gonna get ugly.  

You’ve been warned.

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  1. […] gig at a Barnes & Noble), the squealing recommences.  I haven’t blogged as much about it as I said I would, mostly on account of the fact that my coworkers/roommates/the Tri-State area have been complaining […]


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