We Can All Agree: Gabe Delahaye is a Dreamboat Among Men

In my utter commitment to blabbering on about absolutely nothing of any relevance, I bring you the latest installment of Gabe and Max’s Guide to Man Style, which I stumbled upon over at Videogum:

Admittedly, this isn’t the funniest of their clips, but it’s still fabulous and with just enough homoeroticism to send me into a fit of vapors.  No, the funniest would have to go to their video on dining and wine, which might be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen (which might indicate that I don’t get out much):

Given my proclivity for cooking and fondness for dinner parties, I think my next party should indeed be themed “Erotic Nightmare.”  Whatever precisely that is.  I’ll figure it out after I’ve successfully hosted my “Divas of Classic Hollywood” dinner party.

Anywhosie, the real point of this blabberfest is to point out the terribly obvious fact that these two men are comedic geniuses, and also the even more obvious fact that Gabe is the dreamiest thing known to (gay) mankind.  When I say this to people, I get looks of extreme confusion, but it’s really quite obvious:

  • He looks like Eric Bana, and nobody except idiots thinks Eric Bana’s ugly.
  • He also clearly has a sharp sense of humor, and nobody except people who hate to laugh would think that’s an unattractive quality.
  • He’s straight with just a dash of homo in the mix, so therefore unattainable, and that always ramps up the dreamy factor by tenfold.  We call this the Paul Rudd Law of Dreaminess.
  • He’s also quite gay friendly.  He writes quite a bit about homophobia in web and pop culture, amongst other sociocultural politics; he’s essentially that really clever and intelligent T.A. you had the biggest crush on in your freshman-year lecture class on race and gender politics in the media.  Please raise your hand if you want to date an idiot, then go look for your boyfriend at a bar on the Jersey Beach.
  • Also, judging by these pictures from Gawker’s Pinup Gallery (which incidentally/embarrassingly was what birthed this crush two years ago), we can safely say he looks good with and without a shirt on.

I think I’ve made quite a successful case, so let’s agree, y’all: Gabe is THE dreamboat for the internet age.  Now back to more music videos with puppets:

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