If You’re a Lost Fan, This Will Make You Pee Your Pants

Lost fans are a rather particular and obsessive cult, but these are rather necessary qualities for a show of such narrative complexity.  With all the time-hopping and complicated mythologies and tantalizing mysteries, you really can’t half-ass your way through a viewing.  With all that said, I imagine this video won’t make much sense to the uninitiated, and you’ll probably tell me I’ve a terribly lame sense of humor (perhaps) or I’m totally gay for liking that video (well I am, duh, but that’s ‘cos I like men; liking this video is purely incidental).  To those that watch Lost, though, you’d better have some adult diapers ready.  In honor of a new episode of Lost tonight, I present this to you:

“I guess that’s more of a fact than a joke.”  In internet terms, I believe the response to that line is LOL.  I prefer brilliant.  

This video is like the fifth-season-Lost of comedy videos in that its success is based entirely on having followed the show and being able to catch all the references.  That said, the reactions alone make this video positively priceless.  Between the girl playing Claire and the spot-on Hurley, this video is an infinite source of laughter.  

I also highly consider checking out the website where I found this video.  This Gil Ozeri fellow is some kind of comedic genius.

Also, I’ll be telling that smoke monster joke all day.  You’ve been warned.

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