Patrick Wolf’s Video for “Vulture” is Simultaneously Awesome and Frightening

It’s also certainly not safe for work, and it’s absolutely not safe for moms (particularly mine).  There’s no graphic sex or full frontal nudity, but there is a bit of Patrick Wolf’s butt.  There’s also S&M and bondage at play.  So much S&M and bondage.  Seriously, this is about as work/mom appropriate as this video gets:


That’s still pretty sinister, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  There’s Patrick Wolf dressed as a scary vulture, and lots of Patrick Wolf thrashing about in S&M gear.  Since I’m always so giving, I’m going to share it with you.  As I see it, if I had to experience the three minutes and 23 seconds of nightmare fodder, it’s only fair that you do too.  You’ve been warned, now go watch this freak show:

Since I stumbled upon this thing, I’ve been replaying it non-stop.  But in another window, so I can hear the song but not watch the scariness.  I do have to give Patrick Wolf props (he directed the video as well) for capturing a Kenneth Anger vibe to the experience, and the song itself is really spectacular.  Maybe it’s just all the S&M imagery, but I really want Hollywood to remake Cruising (because it’s an interesting film that’s mangled by an incoherent plot and a terrible Al Pacino performance) with Patrick Wolf doing the music.  That would be the greatest.

If “Vulture” is any indication, I’m bubbling in anticipation for Patrick Wolf’s The Bachelor, which comes out June 1st.

Thanks to Stereogum for the head’s up.

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  1. Haha – I do the same; play the video on a separate window and then listen to it ‘nonchalantly’!


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