Sweet Mercy, I’m Beyond Excited for Drag Me to Hell

I essentially know Sam Raimi, as a director, by his Spider-Man movies.  The first is a delightful pop experience.  The second is, behind The Dark Knight, probably the best comic book movie we’ve ever gotten.  The third is a genre-bending hot mess, a movie as intriguing as it is muddled.  I regretfully fell asleep the one time I tried to watch The Evil Dead (in my defense, it was very late when I started the movie), but what little I saw did manage to sufficiently freak me out, so there’s actually no regret as I avoided giving my subconscious further nightmare fodder. 

But I’m also a masochist who enjoys making bad decisions, so color me giddy to see the trailer for Raimi’s return to horror, Drag Me to Hell:

I’m flabbergasted at how utterly incredible this movie looks.  Obviously Sam Raimi is just going for it, and I suspect, when all is said and done, American horror will (briefly) be the better for it.

Normally, when a trailer makes some bold proclamation like “THE RETURN OF TRUE HORROR” or “VISIONARY DIRECTOR OF 300,” you chalk this up to the studios just trying to sell their product.  With lies.  Standard issue Hollywood protocol, really.

But I don’t think Universal is obeying that time-honored advertising protocol.  I think they may be telling the truth.  Zoinks!

Perhaps this is just the shock of seeing a horror movie that not a remake of an American horror movie, a remake of an Asian movie, derivative of either subset of the genre, or part of the Saw franchise.  Sure, there’s a touch of Thinner with the gypsy-curse plot, but at least this movie doesn’t look to reek like a stale, uninspired fart.  

Added to that, it’s rather brilliant counter-programming for the summer release schedule.  Here’s a movie that doesn’t involve robots in a post-apocalyptic future, robots that transform, or boy wizards.  Instead we get seances and Alison Lohman being tossed around her kitchen like a rag doll.  

And one creepy looking gypsy. 

Sign me up, please.

2 Responses

  1. i saw it last week. seriously, it’s one of the best horror films i’ve ever seen. sam raimi just fucking delivers it. i’ve never heard an audience having so much fun in a movie theater before. it’s just amazing. i can’t wait to see it again. i suspect you will love the hell out of it.

    meanwhile, watch powder blue. because it’s not good. like not even good to make fun of. it’s just pathetic. if you find it any differently, i’d love to know. it’s nowhere near the brilliance of i know who killed me. in fact, jessica biel is actually…… good. it’s just the terrible writing that drags her down.


  2. […] case of verbal diarrhea.  It’s just that exceptional in execution.  Drag Me to Hell is, as was advertised in the trailer, a return to true horror.  Oh, and best of all?  Raimi’s created a wonderfully rich and […]


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