The Haunting in Connecticut Can’t Hit Theaters Soon Enough

Some time ago at work, I stumbled upon the trailer The Haunting in Connecticut:

That shower curtain just tried to eat her!  That’s ridiculous!  And fabulous!

Admittedly, the movie looks kinda derivative, but I’m not about to start complaining.  Everything from the The Exorcist  to Kubrick’s The Shining appears to be crammed into this movie like a Thanksgiving turkey.  I should be worried that the movie will play out like a greatest hits of supernatural horror, but instead I just can’t to see it.  On opening weekend.  It doesn’t hurt that they’ve cast the sexy beast that is Elias Koteas as a preacher, and I’ve always had a soft-spot for haunted house movies, but I’m mostly excited for one reason:


Anybody that’s had the great pleasure of seeing Virginia Madsen in Candyman can attest to the fact that nobody works the horror movie hysterics quite like Ms. Madsen.  Seriously, here’s a taste:

Admittedly, I’m a bit bummed that she’s relegated to the mom role, which means that she’ll probably have less screen time than the afflicted son, but she’ll probably get to amp up the freak-outs because that’s apparently what all moms do in the face of paranormal situations.  And I’m completely okay with that.

I’m also completely okay with the print campaign they’re using to sell The Haunting in Connecticut.   Because it blatantly touts the most batshit insane image in the trailer:


The Haunting in Connecticut poster’s right, y’all: some things really can’t be explained.  Like when your barf refuses to obey the laws of gravity.  Totally inexplicable, that.

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