I Guess I’m Excited About Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?

Apparently some people I know have me pegged as being particularly excited about this lil’ piece of news:


Hrmmm, I wonder why?  Could it be because I’m a nerd, or is it that to say that I like U2 is a gross understatement.  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, the sentiment was appreciated, but also:

I already knew that!  My nerdiness is lightning-quick like that, and if you really think I’m not going to be refreshing the official Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark website multiple times daily in eager anticipation of breaking news and/or ticket sales, then you obviously don’t know me or my obsessive tendencies in the slightest.

That doesn’t mean I’m not skeptical though.

On one hand, it’s half of the creative genius that is U2 working on the music.  Bono+Edge+Super heroes thus far has a solid track record, mind you:

I’m feeling pretty optimistic, y’all.  But, then, there’s the counterpoint, aka Julie Taymor:

Yipes!  Did you know that the dancing priest is also the choreographer (how do you choreograph spring-heeled epileptic fits)?  He is.  Variety is reporting he’ll also be choreographing the Spider-Man musical.  Ruh-roh.

And look what happens when you put Bono and Julie Taymor together (I highly recommend not watching this clip any further than Bono’s rather, erm, “special” mini-monologue; trust me, the rest is somehow even worse):

Sick.  After watching that clip, I need to change my contacts because of all the eye-barf.

I recognize that successful artists need a certain amount of ego to believe in their own visions and see them through, but why didn’t anyone tell either Julie Taymor or Bono that this scene is kinda like winning the very best, most difficult-to-get prize from the bad idea crane game.

I think I rest my case for justifiable-skepticism-in-the-face-of-enthusiasm-about-a-U2/Spider-Man-musical.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go refresh the Spider-Man musical page to see if tickets are on sale yet.

Thanks to Laura for the e!online link, and thanks to @U2 for posting the Variety piece.

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