Holy Moses, Rena Riffel is the Truffaut of Actresses-Who-Play-Strippers/Hookers-Turned-Directors!

So yesterday, while I was searching for clips from Showgirls to include in my post about Slumdog Millionaire (isn’t that just always the case?), I stumbled upon this:

Sweet mercy!  What sort of batshit insanity is this?

In case you didn’t know, Rena Riffel has a small role in Showgirls as Penny/Hope, the new girl at the Cheetah.  She’s rather amazing in her own right, but Trasharella looks as though it’ll totally take the amazing cake.   

I normally tend to avoid deliberate camp because it always lacks the unaware charms of unintentional camp.  From Plan 9 from Outer Space to I Know Who Killed Me, great camp comes entirely from its sincerity in trying to be something other than terrible; anybody can intentionally make a bad movie, but only a certain crazed brand of genius still finds beauty in the cinematic train wrecks they’re masterminding.  Judging from the trailer, Trasharella appears to be channeling that genius in spades.

This is, after all, a movie that contains musical numbers, magic lipstick, and a vampire being killed by a woman brandishing a Barbie crucifix.  Awful or astounding?  

I’m going with astounding.  Simply astounding. 

I think we all know what has to be done.  I.  Can’t.  Wait.

8 Responses

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and… I love you!!!


    • You’ve absolutely made my blogging day! I love you too, and thank you for Trasharella!


  2. i saw this trailer too recently at a screening at the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach…..I must say that I agree with ‘genius’…it takes brains and skills to create such a masterpiece of brillance….i can’t wait to see the movie. Does anyone know where i can get the movie? when will it be out in theatres? i think it will go next to my special edition dvd of showgirls on my shelf.


    • I don’t think it’s getting a theatrical release. I ended up buying a copy off Amazon.com, and I must say it was totally worth it! Get some friends together, mix with beer and Jiffy Pop, and make it a Trasherella party!


  3. I saw a the clip of TRASHARELLA accidentally while looking up SHOWGIRLS! Immediately got hooked on the VIBE..I had to see it, so I bought it off Amazon.com. Now instead of having SHOWGIRLS parties…I just had a TRASHARELLA party with everyone wearing “PLEATHER”, not “LEATHER”..with “MAGIC RED LIPSTICK” and “PIZZA PIE TO GET HIGH”…another “TRASH PARTY THIS WEEKEND”…!!! Lovin it! Thanks..”Penny-Hope”…xoxoxo


  4. […] JoBlo was the first to pick up the story from an article on the Geman website Extratipp, and it’s been gradually gaining steam from there.  My roommate Vanessa first dropped the Showgirls sequel bomb on me when she came across the story on Dlisted.  Squeals ensued, but a closer look at the facts has me skeptical. […]


  5. […] the world’s greatest condiment, a movie about a man that ejaculates fire, a banana monster, the dazzling directorial debut of Showgirl’s Rena Riffel, a music video that was ostensibly filmed inside my head, my favorite […]


  6. […] I’m talking about, start making better life choices by checking out the trailer right this very moment.  And when you’re done with that, watch the first teaser for Rena’s latest […]


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