No Line on the Horizon Track-by-Track Review: “No Line on the Horizon”

So apparently the “No Line on the Horizon” I heard before was totally a b-side.  Whoopsiedaisy!  That must’ve been the “punk-y Pixies/Buzzcocks homage” version that Q Magazine mentioned some time ago.  All the better.  Anything unexpected shall always surprise.  And “No Line on the Horizon” surprises in spades.  And by surprises, I mean this song is awesomely ridiculous.  Check out U2’s Myspace page if you don’t believe me; they’re streaming that ridiculousness.

So in honor of all the ridiculousness and surprises No Line on the Horizon seems to be holding, I’ve decided to do these track-by-track reviews as haikus, because that’s also surprising and ridiculous (and I also don’t know how to properly discuss music worth a damn; I studied film, lay off me!).

So here we go, y’all:


Well that was fun (?).  And ludicrous.  And an exercise in absolute nonsense.  And there’s still 10 more to go.  Ruh-roh.  Looks like this is going to be a bumpy ride on the crazy train…

Next up: “Magnificent.”


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