Joan in Her Humoresque Glasses Will Make Your Weekend (Lifetime)

Did you think I was lying when I said Joan wears the hell out of her glasses in Humoresque?  I’m sure you didn’t, but in case you’ve gotta be all Doubting Thomas about it, here’s certifiable, undeniable proof.  Behold!  Joan in glasses:


I TOLD YOU!  That’s some seriously glasses classiness.  I mean, Joan’s bringing her patented Crawford Klassiness (Crawford Klassiness: So much class we had to spell is with a “k”) to the table in this movie.  I totally covet those glasses.  

And, OH!, how she accessorizes!



So I think we can all agree that she really rocks the hell out of those glasses.  Right?  Right.

3 Responses

  1. yes…we seldom see her with glasses..which adds to the impact..


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