I Will Review Every No Line on the Horizon Song. Individually. Because I’m Ridiculous.


Last night, in a fit of unbridled brilliance (insanity), I had a realization: if I tried to say everything I want to say about No Line on the Horizon, I’d be blogging ’til infinity.  I’d lose my job and my friends and stop eating or bathing, and then they’d put me on Intervention, and afterwards I’d say I was clean but really that would be a lie ‘cos I’d be secretly blogging whenever people weren’t looking, and it’d generally be all kinds of awful (for you, not me).

So I decided to compromise.  I’ll ride my crazy train for the next twelve days.  Each day I’ll tackle a song from the album, culminating in a review of the album as a whole on No Line‘s release date.  Then I promise stop talking about talk less about this album.  Until the tour.  Maybe.

Oh, and there’s no need to thank me.  You’re welcome.

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  1. […] to Brooklyn will do that to you) or what, but these damn haikus are wearing me out.  Curses to my blog promise!  Whatever.  Let’s get this done […]


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