Crimminy Crap! No Line on the Horizon Has Been Leaked!

No Line on the Horizon leaked today, y’all.  According to @U2:

For the second time this month, an online music store has started prematurely selling No Line on the Horizon. This time, the Universal Music Australia storehas made the entire album available as digital downloads, and fans all over the world are buying it up, putting it on file sharing sites, and sending it to friends. The album’s out there now; no turning back. Update: Universal Australia is no longer selling the album; it was available for about 1-2 hours.

Little did anyone know that NLOTH was also available on the Napster Mobile online store. An @U2 reader found it and bought the album on February 8th; it was available all last week, and finally removed yesterday (Feb. 16). 

I think we all know what I had to do, because I certainly lost all patience and will power about a week ago.  And, well, about all I can say right now is this:


My head hurts from how many thoughts I’ve spinning around about this fabulousness.  Ever since I became a fan with the release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind (lay off me, I was a late bloomer!), I’ve longed to have the thrill of getting a U2 album that would have the same game-changing feel of excitement that Achtung Baby had for a certain generation of fans.  

Well, that moment has arrived.

Every song on No Line on the Horizon is a hands-down triumph.  Simply put: this one is a beaut.  So much sonic texture to the production!  So Much Album-As-Spectrum-Of-Human-Emotions-In-Our-Current-Moment Deliciousness!  SO MUCH AMAZING!  GAH!!!

See?  I can’t deal with it right now.  My homo-wittiness has disappeared in an ocean of fanboy hyperbole!   I’ve given it three full listens and I’m still an atomically hot mess of unadulterated school-girl giddiness.  I don’t think a frosting-scented Jon Hamm could get me this excited.  I need a cold bath (stiff drink).  I’m going to have to take a few days to properly digest this album, but you’d better believe a lengthy review is coming.  LENGTHY.  You’ve been warned.

U2 is back, bitches.  I hope you’re ready to deal with my ensuing craziness.

Thanks, @U2 for the tip.  You’ve ruined my ability to be a tolerable human being for the next year.


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