Stop It, U2! The Anticipation is KILLING ME!!!


I was totally going to blog about other things this morning.  You know, like movies.  I could finally work on a movie review, right?  WRONG!  According to @U2:

RTÉ 2XM exclusively aired the title track from the new U2 album No Line on the Horizon today at noon Dublin time. They are enticing listeners to stay tuned to their station as they play more U2 today.

Whoah, doggy.  I promised myself I’d play this album straight and ignore any leaks, but this is too much.

Of course, in this day and age, a radio play guarantees an internet leak, and–as I see it–this a legitimate leak.  U2 sanctioned the radio airing, and so any recording that then appears online, while technically pirated, is harmless.  It’s not the entire album after all (good gravy I wish it was, though).  I may not have woken up to hear the official broadcast, but it’s totally my duty as a rabid, foaming-mouth U2 fan to google and google and google ’til I get some results.  Patience is not my virtue.  


Having listened to “No Line on the Horizon” several times already on an obsessive repeat (4 times and counting!),  well, zoinks.  Zoinks!  It’s as though they’ve fused all the most interesting sounds at various points of their career into on delicious record.  “No Line on the Horizon” is some serious delicious for an album opener.

There’s so much signature Edge with the chunky riffage and chiming guitars!  So much signature Bono with the endearingly nonsensical lyrics and soaring vocals (seriously, he hasn’t hit registers this high outside of a falsetto since “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”)!  So much signature Adam and Larry with the pulsing bass line and propulsive drumming!  So much signature U2!  SO MUCH!

I seriously need to build a time machine so it can be March 3rd already.  Hell, I’ll settle for the midnight of so I can download No Line on the Horizon off iTunes.  I’m  seriously beginning to regress to a spoiled toddler just thinking about how long I still have to wait.  A little over two weeks is like infinity in U2-anticipation years!  I’m done with waiting, U2! DONE WITH IT!  ME WANT NOW!!!

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