You Don’t Have to Thank Me, But I Found You Your New Favorite Movie

It’s called The Loved One, and it’s based on the book of the same name by Evelyn Waugh.  She wrote Brideshead Revisited, so we know the classy factor already is up at an 8.  Terry Southern (who c0-wrote Dr. Strangelove and Barbarella) wrote it, and Tony Richardson (who directed the 1963 adaptation of Tom Jones) brought it to the screen.  Oh, and Rod Steiger, Liberace, and Roddy McDowall all have roles in this movie.  Oh, OH!  One more thing: Robert Morse, who plays Sterling Cooper senior partner Bertram Cooper on the bestest-ever show Mad Men, has the lead.  You know what they call movies like this, right?  Prestige movies.  ‘Cos there’s so much class in this movie going on right now.  The classiest classy class, all the time.  Behold!

FEBRUARY 10TH FOOLS DAY!!!  We’ve found something more freakish than Nannerpuss, and it’s taken less than a day!  Astounding!  Don’t be angry, though; Rod Steiger’s Joyboy song will haunt my dreams for some time to come, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll dream tonight of being eaten by lobsters and that obese woman.  Awful.

 In full disclosure, though, I have to admit that I’m completely intrigued by this movie and am seriously pondering buying it based on that one scene alone.  The creepy factor of the misadjusted family completely predates Toby Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and then there’s the creepy Gothic Americana vibe pulsing through it that has me thinking of some sort of bizarro hybrid between Suddenly, Last Summer and Psycho (the oedipal issues alone could warrant a paper).  Then there’s that healthy dose of campy bad taste that, given the Evelyn Waugh origins, is probably some twisted, blackly comic hyper-satire.  Finding this is like finding the Tutankhamun tomb of long-lost cult classics.

And like I said: there’s no need to thank me.  ‘Cos now you know about The Loved One, and we all know that the real treasure is knowledge.


Thanks to Dana for the tip.

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